Snow Mercy Spanks Tom Bryon


The next morning, Snow enters the dining room, dressed crisply for work but rubbing her bottom. She confides to Tom that for some reason she woke up with a sore backside and tries to remember what could have caused this. Pulling up her glove tight pencil skirt to examine her bottom in a hand mirror, Snow struggles to pull her snug panties aside while hobbled by a retro-style open-bottomed girdle, complete with garter straps and sheer black hose. Now Snow notices that her bottom bears some traces of marking and again tries to figure out what happened. Tom confesses to spanking her while she was sleep walking because she was about to buy crazy things online while virtually. Snow is shocked and outraged to hear of the unconscionable advantage Tom has taken of her somnolent state. After his shockingly exploitative behavior, Tom is predictably hapless when caught to rights and busted for playing secret two a.m. disciplinarian. Determined that she not be the only one to go to work that day with a sore bottom, she takes him across her lap for a long, hard revenge spanking. It is only right and proper that Snow be soundly spanked in Scene One by a masterful top, but even more satisfying when she is able to get her own back on Tom so smartly the following day. After she thoroughly spanks Tom for his infamous behavior, she sternly warns him that there is more where that came from and perhaps she'll bring a friend home from work to help her hand it out!