Having pled guilty to a charge of driving under the influence, a voluptuous redhead (Sophia Locke) faces prison time and fines, unless she agrees to accept the alternate penalty of a 24 stroke caning while bound nude over a spanking bench. The timid offender signs the release form and is ordered by a strict, detached female officer of the court (Miss Venus Divine) to get undressed. The nervous girl quickly disrobes while the daunting disciplinarian goes to get her rope and canes. Miss Divine commands Sophia to mount the punishment bench with her bare bottom uppermost. The female officer lashes the girl's thighs to the wooden bench, then pulls back Sophia's wrists to tie them tightly as well. Now well spread, firmly bound and in the best position to receive corporal punishment, Sophia is kept in suspense no longer. The 24 serious cane strokes are administered about ten seconds apart, to allow the effect of each hard, stinging swat to sink in. The severe punishment rapidly imbues the girl's alabaster cheeks with raised pink marks, the hallmark of a good caning and she reacts accordingly. She can't squirm, being so tightly bound, but she can whimper, groan and gasp in shock at just how harsh a judicial penalty can be. Once the entire count has been delivered, the culprit is untied, allowed to get dressed, made to show her well caned bottom to her disciplinarian one more time and then sent on her way, dazed and with a sore, striped seat to remind her of her shame.